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New Form I-9 Mandatory for Employers on January 22, 2017

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 03 2017

New job hire form

If you’re an employer in the U.S., it’s mandatory to maintain a properly completed Form I-9 for every individual you hire for employment in the U.S. It’s federal immigration law.  

Form I-9, which verifies identity and employment authorization, has changed. As of January 22, 2017, it is mandatory to use the updated form. As of this date, all previous versions of the form are invalid.

When must Form I-9 be completed and signed? At the time of hire. You might feel relieved to have the selection of a new hire behind you, but now the onboarding process begins.

Put tools in place to ensure compliance and make the process efficient. New-hire paperwork is time-consuming and tedious. Errors, oversights and non-compliance have severe consequences and can result in costly fines.  

Payroll software is available that allows new hires to fill out Form I-9 and more online.  Donovan & Limroth recommends payroll software packages based on your needs, including GUSTO, ADP and others. GUSTO, for example, offers an employee onboarding checklist and tools to help you track and maintain critical employee information.

Our payroll software solutions allow you to keep federal and state tax documents, direct deposit forms and other company documents in your system electronically — all before your new hire’s first day on the job. This improves compliance and ensures easy maintenance for you.

These robust systems not only offer payroll solutions but benefits tools as well. You’ll save time by having one place to log in and one secure place for valuable employee data and access to updated forms.

Set yourself up for recordkeeping success and schedule an appointment with one of our payroll advisors. Now that you’re not juggling forms, there’s more time to focus on training and development to maximize the investment in your new hire.

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